BDISCOM is proud to introduce a new generation of automatic matching network units operating at the standard ISM frequency of 13.56MHz. Designed for industrial and laboratory use, it’s typical application include magnetron sputtering, PECVD deposition, plasma activation, dielectric heating and, laser excitation.

The Model BDS-AMN 750 automatic impedance matching network includes two variable air-gap capacitors and an analog user port that mates with our series BDS-HF RF power generators. The internal DC bias probe enables measurement and display of the bias voltage developed in the plasma discharge.

BDS-AMN Inside              178_bds_amn600

The BDS-AMN functions to continuously transform the complex 13.56MHz plasma load impedance to the 50 ohm (non-reactive) system impedance. The RF circuit’s “L” topology uses high quality variable caps driven by precision servo motors. Typical tuning time is less than 2 seconds. Using the BDS-HF control panel (located on the RF generator), the user can program and select a wide range of tuning position presets. Independent control and preset operation is possible using 0>10VDC input voltages.

bdiscom RF package

 The BDS-AMN has the following features:


Product Specifications

Interface/Control Connector           DB-15 female located on the front panel

RF Input Connector                          Type N female located on the front panel

RF Output Connector                       Type 7/16 DIN female – located on the rear panel. Optional side or bottom location

Analog I/O Interface                         0>10VDC for capacitor position setting and metering

Digital I/O Interface                          24VDC isolated

Maximum plasma voltage                3kV P-P + DC bias

Maximum plasma current               16 amps RF

Operating modes                               Automatic – Preset – Hold

Phase/Magnitude Detector type    Passive with configurable polarity output

RF Circuit Topology                         “L” standard, “T” & “PI” optional

Plasma (Cathode) Outputs              1 standard, Up to 3 optional (vacuum relay switched)

Mounting surfaces                            Four M5X6 PEM nuts per side located on the bottom and side surfaces

Enclosure cooling                              Via an internal fan – air supply from the front and upper left sides – air exhaust from lower left side bottom and rear sides


The Model AMN (matching network) and BDS-HF (RF generator) products are packaged for shipment in cardboard cartons with Ethafoam inserts. A single carton will contain either a generator or match unit and measures 23-5/8″ X 12″ X 12″ (60cm X 30cm X 30cm).



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