Series DG Delta GlowTM FAQs

Process recipe cookbook Roll your own process Starting points – pressure, gas flow & type, power Directing the plasma discharge to effect uniformity at the substrate – This is a complex discussion and requires a working knowledge of the plasma process. A shield or director may be used inside of the vacuum chamber to influence or […]

RF Power System FAQs

Bdiscom Model BDS-HF-300AFP Problem: When turning ON the RF power output, the value starts at the set-point and then falls to 001 watts – it should be noted that the plasma does ignite and the matching network does properly tune. Solution: Use the front panel controls to select the DC Bias mode and then raise the DC […]

RF and Control Cable FAQs

Cable type Connector type Flexibility 50 or non-50 ohm operation RF power level   3′ long cable between match output and plasma / sputter source

PB3 Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs listed below are based on real problems encountered during the commissioning and use of the Model PB3 RF power systems. All data in this file originates from our customer’s experiences and from the Manitou Team. Please feel free to submit your experiences with this product so that this web page can continue to […]