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Series DG Delta GlowTM FAQs

Process recipe cookbook

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Starting points – pressure, gas flow & type, power

Directing the plasma discharge to effect uniformity at the substrate – This is a complex discussion and requires a working knowledge of the plasma process. A shield or director may be used inside of the vacuum chamber to influence or direct the discharge. Material selection for the proposed shield/director is important as both metal and dielectric materials may quench the active species and reduce the overall gas>plasma conversion efficiency. This condition may however, be desirable if the result is increased process uniformity over the desired area. Using a metal makes it easy to fabricate and may work if the surfaces are properly treated (i.e., anodizing aluminum). Quartz on the other hand is difficult to work with and, most fabricators use only round stock making the component somewhat fixed in design. However, both quartz and Pyrex are available in flat plates which are easily prepared to a specific dimension by the fabricator. Other dielectric materials such as borosilicate glass and engineering plastics may be used if the process conditions “friendly” (temperature, gas composition, etc.)