This page provides detailed instructions for using the RS-232 serial interface to remotely control and monitor the Model BDS-HF-AFP RF power generators.

For this part of the discussion, we are referencing the use of the serial control software (for your PC) called Teraterm. We have downloaded and are using version 4.87 You can download a copy by pasting this link into your browser or searching on “Teraterm”:

Teraterm  Setup

COM 1      38400    8 Bit    Parity=None    Stop=1 Bit    Flow Control=None    No Delays

The RS232 communication cable (PC>BDS-HF-AFP) pin out is as follows: 

PC Side  –    HF-AFP Side

Pin 2       –     pin 3

Pin 3       –     pin 2

Pin 5       –     pin 5

BDS-HF Operation