00004681-matrixx-image-webEnhanced Matrixx Models – up to 12 outputs

The Matrixx Switch Module is a self contained module that typically includes high quality vacuum relays that are used to switch the output of RF power generators, DC sputtering power supplies or impedance matching networks between multiple loads. These products are built to order and the version delivered to you may be one of our “off the shelf” designs or a specifically designed model based on a specification developed during discussions with Manitou Systems engineers.

A Matrixx Switch Module may be sold as a “stand alone” box requiring the user to furnish the necessary 24VDC control power or it may include a complementary control panel, connection cable & AC>DC wall wart power supply. Optional coaxial cables & coaxial adapters may also be included based on your requirements and specification.

CONNECTORS & LOCATIONS   This enhanced Matrixx enclosure will accommodate up to twelve (12) connector positions (6 per) on its long side surfaces, input connector #1 on the end surface and, input connector #2 located on the lower right side surface. The control connector is a type D-Sub 15 male also located on the lower right side.

00004681-matrixx-side-1-view   These images show typical connector locations    00004681-matrixx-other-side-1-view


SWITCHING CONFIGURATIONS  Matrixx switch module configurations can be a simple single DC plasma power supply to two (2) magnetron cathodes (our Standard 8 output model) or as complex as switching both RF and DC power sources between twelve (12) cathodes. Just tell us what you’d like to do.

SPECIAL & OEM CONFIGURATIONS   Application specific designs include grounding of unused outputs and switching of multiple inputs to multiple outputs (transfer function). Send us your project specification for a quotation.

RF BLOCKING FILTER  When the Matrixx switch is used in applications where multiple magnetron cathodes (in the same process chamber) are simultaneously powered by RF and DC power, the DC power supply feed needs to be protected from any RF energy conducted through the plasma discharge. Manitou offers an RF blocking filter option to enable stable operation.

Switching Control Options  When the Matrixx switch is integrated into an OEM plasma processing system, it is typically controlled by the system’s PLC (computer) controller. A 24VDC control signal is simply connected to the Matrixx relay(s) and the specific relay(s) are energized to switch the desired power supply and /or output. A D-Sub 15 connector is provided for the connection on most models. A D-Sub 25 may be used on models employing complex switching schemes.
Enhanced Enclosure Options  This larger enclosure provides the possibility to house a single and complex switching module or multiple and less complex configurations.

Click here to download a chart of our Common Control Scheme for Matrixx Enhanced 2 input  models. This common control scheme enables our OEM customers to design a common PLC/computer + software plasma system control to drive various Matrixx Switch models (with 2 > 12 cathode outputs).


The diagram below shows a Matrixx switch configured to enable simultaneous magnetron cathodes to operate by being powered by the DC and/or RF power generators. Optional RF blocking filters can be included to protect the DC plasma generators. The Matrixx switch will reduce the quantity of coaxial cables needed to accomplish complex switching on an OEM or end user plasma system. This approach makes for a cleaner system design with higher reliability and easier serviceability.   



When the Matrixx is added to an existing system or used in the R&D laboratory, we suggest purchasing the complementary remote control panel and power supply. This optional panel is mounted in the 19″ electronics rack and its cable plugged into the Matrixx switch module. The universal “wall wart” power supply is delivered with the proper AC mains plug for your country. A typical rotary switch control panel is shown above.

Power & Frequency Capability  All standard Matrixx switches are rated per the specific model/version. Working voltage and current may be limited by the type of connectors used as well as the type and model of the switching relay. Our engineers will be able to assist you in selecting the proper Matrixx model. Our designs may include parallel connected relays for higher currents as well as the use of silver plated copper conductors to enable lower power losses with RF power applications. Standard models typically use Teflon insulated, silver plated and, stranded wiring. Matrixx switches are designed for use with the following power sources:


Physical Mounting   For RF plasma power applications where the Matrixx is switching a single RF system (matching network output) between multiple magnetron cathodes, the switch box is mounted close to or directly onto the impedance matching network. (See the image to the right.) The matching network / Matrixx assembly is then mounted onto the process system near the cathodes. Short length coaxial cables (typically 3’/1M long) are used to connect the Matrixx to each cathode.

For use with many DC plasma or pulsed DC plasma power applications, the Matrixx can be located either at the power supply end or at the plasma end. The coaxial cable length (power supply > plasma) does not have a length limit. Always refer to the process power supply manufacturer’s recommendations or contact Manitou Systems with details of your intended application.

We can also supply the Matrixx Enhanced models with an optional 19″ wide x 7″ tall (4RU) rack panel mount – see images below. The painted panel is available in standard colors including black, white and grey. Connector positions on one side will not be used as the rack panel will obstruct them.

Mechanical Specifications

Typical product weight = 7>8 lbs (based on configuration / model)

Dimensions = 15.125″ long X 9″ deep X 5″ high (enclosure only – connectors add to the dimensions). The optional rack panel mounting will occupy 7″ (4RU) in height.

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