Coax Cables – Standard Types

Type RG-213 Standard Duty Cables

Typically used to connect only the RF generator to the matching network. (Do Not use RG213 to connect the match to the plasma load – only use Teflon insulated cables.)

Type RG213 may also be used to connect DC, pulsed DC and, 40KHz plasma generators and power supplies to plasma loads.

Type RG-393 High Power Cables – Teflon Insulated

These cable types are specifically designed to accommodate both RF and DC power when connecting the sputter cathode or plasma source.

Coax Cables – Special Purpose Types

Faraday Shielded Cables

Typically used to connect a low power – remote mounted impedance matching network to a plasma load. These cables include a 2nd (Faraday) shield designed to choke off any RF radiation caused by common mode currents. We suggest using these cables in systems powering RF biased substrate stages and remote plasma sources.

Type RG-400 Faraday Shielded Cables – Teflon Insulated – Low power <300 watts

Type RG-393 Faraday Shielded Cables – Teflon Insulated – High power >300 watts            





Ultra-High Current RF Cables

These Powerline Ultra-High current cables may be used with RF or DC power and provide a short distance, low loss and, rigid connection between the impedance matching network’s (plasma) output to either a Matrixx switch module or to a magnetron sputtering cathode. The cable is designed and manufactured using copper, brass and engineering plastic materials with standard coaxial  connectors (Type 7/16 DIN) mated to each end. Some versions are designed as “semi-rigid” and use a dense/heavy braid as the outer, shielded conductor. Designed and manufactured per a customer application, we offer many different configurations including straight & 90 degree connectors, lengths and, connector types.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 




Common Exciter (CEX) Cables

Common exciter connection cables (between master and slave generators may be as simple as a short BNC male > BNC male cable or, a tight tolerance type cable required to hold the proper phase shift between the RF generators it connects. These cables can be fabricated to mate with all manufacturers generator products so, please contact us for detail information. Connector types such as SMA and BNC are the most widely used. See this page for CEX application information.


Installation Instructions 

HN-M 90 a


DO NOT TWIST the body of a 90 degree or straight connector during installation as the twisting action will break the cable’s shield wires. Use care during the installation and pre-form the cable for best alignment.


Coaxial adapters hn-m-90-to-90-adapt-oval

90 degree coaxial adapters are typically added to one end of the cable for flexibility in complex installations.