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Eliminator™ RF Blocking Filters for DC Sputtering & High Voltage Power Supplies

The Eliminator Filter module shown to the left includes type UHF I/O connectors. Alternate connector types are available.

The enclosure size for 3 amp models is 4.5″ (114.5mm) long X 2.5″ (64mm) wide X 2.17″ (55.1mm) high. The I/O connectors will add additional length to their mounting position.

The Eliminator Filter module is best mounted at the RF source however, it may be alternately mounted at the opposite end of the coaxial connection cable (typically at the power supply / controller side). Always use a high quality interconnect cable and/or adapter. Additionally, the filter module’s box can be grounded using a short, low inductance metal strip.


Eliminator Filter Application Questions

All Eliminator RF blocking filters are designed for low loss and maximum throughput efficiency. This means when operated within the design specifications, the power loss through the filter is limited to the resistance of the series inductor – typically less than 1 ohm.

A coaxial cable will NOT effectively keep the RF energy away from the DC supply. It is possible to use a designed cable length to place the DC supply at a “voltage node (or RF voltage minimum).    

Answer: The Eliminator RF blocking filter is typically placed at or close to the magnetron cathode enabling the RF energy to be blocked at its source.  The filter’s enclosure should be grounded to the vacuum chamber using a wide metal strap. If a strap is not used, ensure that the cathode’s power feed coax shield is grounded to the vacuum chamber. Many brands of magnetron cathodes are mounted through an O-ring sealed compression fitting (Ultra-Torr type) – sometimes the cathode’s mounting stalk is NOT well grounded and could cause RF energy leakage. The RF Witchdoctor recommends the use of a copper or aluminum ground strap. 

Yes, there are differences in the filter circuits. Manitou offers filters that are optimized for use with specific pulsing waveforms and manufacturer’s generator products. Contact us to discuss your application.

The typical positions are at each end of the box. The filter can also be ordered with the connectors mounted on the bottom, sides and/or ends. 

Eliminator RF Blocking Filters for use with DC Power Generators

3 Amp max current, 13.56MHz blocking, Type N-female I/O connectors PN 00005855
3 Amp max current, 13.56MHz blocking, Type N-male plasma, SO239 (UHF) DC PN 00001747
3 Amp max current, 13.56MHz blocking, Type N-male I/O connectors PN 00001779
3 Amp max current, 13.56MHz blocking, Type SO-239 (UHF) I/O connectors PN 00002696
3 Amp max current, 13.56MHz blocking, Type MHV-female I/O connectors PN 00003198
3 Amp max current, 13.56MHz blocking, Type N-female plasma, N-male DC PN 00003497
3 Amp max current, 13.56MHz blocking, Type HN-female I/O connectors PN 00003565
HN Male > Male Straight Adapter – for easy connection PN 00003625
15Amp max current, 13.56MHz blocking, Type SO239 (UHF) I/O connectors PN 00003541
25Amp max current, 13.56MHz blocking, Threaded stud I/O connections PN 00003542