Cost effective approach to perform educational or exploratory plasma based thin film processes

Choice of plasma sources including: magnetron sputtering, high density down stream plasma, planar etch and ICP

Simple vacuum cross chamber with access door, pumping & instrumentation ports

Choice of RF power systems

Field configurable to perform additional processes

Optional rotating & biased substrate holder, vacuum valves and mass flow control

Optional 6 way vacuum chamber for dual sputtering capability


The PB3TM Tabletop Plasma System provides the user with a basic vacuum process system building block. Configure your development tool with an optional plasma source, power supply and substrate holder to complete the system. The user simply adds a vacuum pump, process gas and you are ready to process !


The system is available in two configurations: The “Basic PB3” that is built on our Model PB3 RF power system and the additionally featured “Enhanced PB3″ version that is built upon a 19″ tabletop electronics cabinet.


The thin film process is determined by the plasma source type installed in the system. A magnetron sputtering cathode will enable the user to perform PVD (physical vapor deposition). The use of a Delta GlowTM  plasma source will enable plasma etching and surface enhancement processes. Film composition can be controlled using the optional, rotating substrate bias stage.

Additional instrumentation may be added to the system by specifying unique vacuum feed throughs or through the use of the optional side mounted 2.75” Conflat flanges.


The images below are of the “Basic PB3 magnetron sputtering system”