Model PB3-D & PB3-MD Product Data

The PB3-D and MD models are designed to mount in a 19″ electronics rack. The 19″ wide front panel is 7″ (4RU) high and contains digital LED metering, alternate action control switches, 10 turn RF power adjustment and, manually adjusted matching network tuning knobs.

The PB3-100 models have a 100 watt maximum RF output power rating which makes them desirable for substrate bias and 1″ diameter sputtering cathode applications. The PB3-300 models have a 300 watt maximum RF output power rating.

  • Models PB3-100D and PB3-300D include the RF generator section only and designed to be connected to our Series MTK impedance matching network module.
  • Models PB3-100MD and PB3-300MD include both the RF generator section + the impedance matching network section in the same enclosure. You only need to add an output coaxial cable to complete your RF system.

RF Generator Specifications:pb3-100-front-right-oblique-powered-and-covered-ii

  • Forced air cooling
  • 30% reflected power tolerance
  • 187>240VAC 50/60Hz AC mains input
  • Front panel size: 19″ wide x 7″ (4RU) high
  • Enclosure body size: 14.25″ wide x 7″ high x 16″ deep
  • Unit weight: 22 Lbs.
  • RF output power: 100 or 300 watts maximum
  • RF output frequency: 13.56MHz
  • Analog I/O control: contact closures & 0>5VDC signals
  • Common Exciter I/O connections: Type BNC female

Impedance Matching Network Specifications:

  • Type L-C topology using two air variable tuning capacitors and a tapped/fixed inductor
  • Forced air cooling
  • Type HN female “plasma” output connector

Ordering information:

  • Model PB3-100D       Order PN 00003068
  • Model PB3-100MD   Order PN 04-140087-01
  • Model PB3-300D       Order PN 04-140032-01
  • Model PB3-300MD   Order PN 04-140087-00


  • MatrixxTM RF/DC switch modules
  • Parallel cable module  –  for dual cable feed on sputtering sources
  • PowerlineTM coaxial cables  –  standard and ultra-hi power power capability
  • EliminatorTM RF filters  –  for RF blocking applications