BDS-HF 200-300-750 Blackbox RF Generators

174_bds-hfBDISCOM offers a new generation of low to medium power high frequency (HF) power generators designed to be integrated into table top plasma systems and other types of compact equipment.

The BDS-HF-Blackbox Series of RF Generators is (only) controlled with 0>10VDC analog signals and available in output power levels of 200, 300 and, 750 watts @13.56MHz.  This Blackbox system consists of two separate modules; the RF generator + a AC>DC power supply.

The BDS-Blackbox has the following features:

  • Compact size – to fit inside of a plasma system cabinet.
  • Analog control interface.
  • Efficient power conversion – A switch mode AC>DC converter and a class E RF power circuit enables 85>90% overall efficiency and low cabinet heat load.
  • Common exciter I/O
  • Compliance – CE MARK
  • Country of manufacture – ITALY

Product Specifications (chart – 3 columns wide for 2 models)

  • AC mains input voltage:  90>240VAC 1-phase 50/60Hz with Power Factor Correction (via separate power supply module)
  • AC Mains input power: 400 watts (HF-300 model)
  • Grounding: via PE (protective earth)
  • RF Module Enclosure:  200/300 watt model: “2.75/70mm tall X 6.15″/155mm wide X 10-5/8″/270mm deep – 750 watt model: “5.25/132.5mm tall X 10.75/269mm wide X 16.15″/410mm deep .
  • Product weight: 7.75lbs/3.5kg
  • Shipping weight: X lbs/X kg
  • RF output power (into 50 ohms): 200, 300 or 750 watts maximum based on model.
  • RF output frequency: 13.56MHz crystal controlled
  • RF output power control: 4>200 watts, 10>300 watts or, 10>750 watts variable based on model
  • RF output harmonics: -40db below fundamental frequency
  • RF power detector: Forward & reflected measurement with a 3% accuracy
  • RF output connection: Type N female
  • Cooling: Forced air
  • Safety Interlock:
  • Analog Control interface: 0>10VDC signal – 20 watts/volt, 30 watts/volt or, 100 watts/volt based on model
  • Analog Metering interface: 0>10VDC signal – 20 watts/volt, 30 watts/volt or, 100 watts/volt based on model
  • Operating (ambient) temperature: 5>45 degrees C – no condensation or icing
  • RF circuit protection:  Reflected RF power, power amplifier (PA) over-voltage & over-current and over-temperature.
  • Reflected power fold back: 20% maximum
  • RF Output Pulsing: via BNC connection
  • Power conversion efficiency: Typically 85>90%
  • Compliance: CE  EMC EN55011 Group 2, Class A ISM


  • Data sheet (BDS.HF_200_300_750W_BlackBox.pdf)
  • Pulsing operation (HF300_pulsing.pdf)
  • Mechanical installation drawing
  • Owner’s manual