Series PB3 Tabletop Plasma & Vacuum Training System Accessories & Options

Optional equipment and hardware available for the Series PB3 Tabletop Plasma and Vacuum Training System 

Magnetron Sputter Deposition Head

An internal, round magnetron sputter source is mounted on an LF-160/200 stainless flange using a 3/4″ O-ring sealed compression fitting. A 1/4″ compression fitting enables connection to the system’s process gas flow controller. The sputter source includes an adjustable collar to maintain the position of the source. Two 1/4″ water cooling lines (supply & return) will need to connect to the PB3 system’s cooling water circuit. (Note: If your PB3 plasma system did not originally include a water cooling feature or you will use this assembly on another type of vacuum system, the sputter source’s cooling water can come from an optional water cooling retrofit kit or be connected direct to your house cooling water facilities. The maximum water flow is 1 gallon/minute.)

The following items are required to attach and use this assembly on a PB3 plasma system;

  • Three (3) claw clamps
  • LF160/200 sealing ring
  • Existing water cooling circuit or a length of 1/4″ plastic tubing (see below)
  • RF and/or DC plasma power generator + coaxial connection cable (see below)


How to specify and order the Magnetron Sputter Deposition Head option

The typical configuration is one (1) sputter source mounted in the center of the flange – we can accommodate specialized requirements such as off-center mounted sources, multiple sources, different gas feed fittings and, different flange types. Contact Manitou Systems to discuss your requirements.  

All sputter source include a type HN female coaxial connector and 1/4″ water cooling lines terminated with plastic quick disconnect fittings. 

  • Select the desired sputter source size: 1.3″, 2″, 3″ or 4″ diameter
    • Sputter source 1.3″       Order PN 00010362
    • Sputter source 2″          Order PN 00004766
    • Sputter source 3″          Order PN 00004767
    • Sputter source 4″          Order PN 00004955
  • Select the mounting flange assembly size
    • LF160                              Order PN 00010061
    • LF200                             Order PN 00010363
  • Select the target material type – click here for target materials

Cooling water panel and components

This optional component kit includes the parts to add water cooling circuit to an existing PB3 plasma system. The user is required to provide a source of clean and chilled, water @ (maximum) 1 gallon/minute flow rate. Additionally, the user should plan on adding positive shutoff, purge and drain valves to be used during service activities.

  • 19″ x 2RU painted rack panel
  • Two (2) 1/4″ compression, bulkhead fittings – installed in the panel
  • Four (4) rack mount screws/washers/clips
  • Length of 1/4″ plastic tubing to connect the sputter source to the panel mounted fittings
  • Order PN 00010364

Plasma Power Systems 

The plasma power system can be either a traditional 13.56MHz RF system (RF generator + impedance matching network) or a high voltage DC power supply.

Manitou Systems offers various RF systems to complement specific user needs.pb3-100-front-right-oblique-powered-and-covered-ii

Our Model PB3 RF system offers an integrated generator + manually adjusted matching network in a single enclosure            






bdiscom-rf-family    model-pps10-image

Rotating Substrate Stage         img_7008        

Mounted on LF 160 or 200 flanges 

Etch Head           00003633-marketing-bottom-view

Pumping System

Gas Control Systems 

DC Plasma Generator        


RF Plasma Source  00005752 DG50 Plasma Source Antenna - webblue-plasma-source


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