EME Operations


Station Equipment

  • AntennasW1SMS Rotating Tower and Feed Lines
    • 144MHz 4X Modified Cushcraft 3219 72 total array elements @ 35′ high (middle of array).
    • Homebrew elevation mechanism mounted onto a rotating Rohn 55 tower.
    • LMR-600 connections from the antenna array to the transmitter shed.
  • Switching and Preamps (located at the base of the tower)
    • Tower mounted T/R switching.
    • LNA with bypass. 
    • Remote switching between the EME array and the top mounted terrestrial Yagi.
  • Transverter and High Power Amplifier (located in the remote transmitter shed)
    • DEMI 144>28MHz Transverter.
    • Solid state 150 watt intermediate (driver) power amplifier
    • Homebrew 5CX1500A 1500 watt final power amplifier
    • ARR T/R sequencer

W1SMS SDR Console

  • Transceiver
    • Flex 5000A


Friends of W1SMS




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