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Eliminator TM RF Filters for Substrate Heaters & Thermocouple Sensors





Heater Filters

Eliminator RF blocking filters used in (resistive) substrate heater applications are typically located directly on or near the vacuum process chamber (atmospheric side) and are designed to pass 100% of the current used to power the heater element. The Eliminator filter will attenuate or eliminate RF energy that resides inside the plasma process chamber and conducted out via the power wiring and vacuum feed through. The RF energy is essentially shunted to ground so it never radiates to adjacent sub-systems and/or components or reaches the heater controller.

Eliminator filter products are typically built into off the shelf aluminum enclosures providing the ultimate in mounting flexibility. All filters are conservatively rated to pass low voltage AC an/or DC currents. The RF tight box ensures no leakage or radiation from the filter components. As some applications such as PECVD require the enclosure to be mounted on a heated (high temperature) process chamber or, in the event that the filter is operated at it’s maximum duty cycle and current ratings, we offer optional shielded venting to enable convection cooling of the internal inductor coils. Please note that some high duty cycle applications may require an optional, low voltage DC powered fan (or some form of forced air directed into the filter’s cooling air supply vents). Please note that 40 amp filters include the cooling fan. Low resistive losses are made possible through the use of copper wiring and internal crimped and soldered connections.    

Input and output connections consist of either screw type terminal strips for <30 amp models or special 1/2-20 threaded stud type terminals for continuous use at >40 amps. Each filter module comes with a set of crimp terminals for the user to install onto the external power connection wires.    

The enclosure can be delivered with defined I/O cable treatments such as electrical compression/conduit fittings or just a drilled pilot hole so the user can install their own fitting. Manitou Systems can also manufacture the box with the vacuum chamber side mounting treatments such as Conflat or other flange types.   


End treatment - Romex fitting2016-12-01-12-24-37


Romex Electrical Fitting



Sealtite Connector        Sealtite Electrical Fitting

Eliminator - Conflat Treatment




   Conflat Vacuum Flange Treatment




Heater filter shown with optional cooling fan.

(The cooling fan is optional only on 30A models.) 






We typically offer our heater filters in a “kit” along with our thermocouple filters.

Thermocouple Filters

The Eliminator products are available to complement both single or dual thermocouples including Types K, S or, T.

Use of compensated wiring, terminals and barrier strips to maintain proper thermocouple calibration.

The Eliminator Standard Series uses a pair of single filter elements to connect to a single TC for most applications.

Our Eliminator MAX Series includes a pair of high Q tandem filter elements for extra deep attenuation of an offending RF signal when the TC is subjected to a high electric field or in direct contact with RF powered electrodes.