Cost effective approach to add a plasma capability to an existing vacuum system or vacuum furnace

00005752 DG50 Plasma Source Antenna - web

Ideal for educational demonstrations

Test for optical emissions of gas

Process powders & linear substrates

Create nano-materials

Enhance and modify material surfaces

Assist with H20 desorption on vacuum chamber surfaces

Inductively heat materials

Perform gas reactions

Create Ozone

The Model EG-50TM RF Plasma Source enables the user to add a plasma process capability to most vacuum process systems. The EG-50 component set includes a 300 watt/13.56MHz RF power generator with a manually tuned impedance matching network, the EG-50 RF plasma source and a coaxial connection cable.

The EG-50 plasma source is simply mounted over an existing quartz (or other dielectric) tube. The user simply adds an upstream process gas source with flow control and you are ready to process !

EG-50 Plasma Source Specifications

Physical size 5.5” diameter 6.0” tall

Operating pressure range The EG-50 will ignite a plasma and operate over a wide pressure range from

1 millitorr through 10 Torr.






necessary cooling airflow.





copper antenna coil.





process tube. It is also necessary to wear protective eye glasses to prevent

looking directly at the plasma discharge. A Plexiglas or borosilicate glass shield                                                    will provide protection against UV radiation. The use of a borosilicate process                                                     tube will also attenuate UV radiation.

Order a complete plasma system





Including Model EG-50 RF plasma source and Model PB3-300

13.56MHz 300 watt Integrated RF power system


Add one of the optional RF coaxial cables listed below to complete the package.



Order individual components and options



This model includes a Pi topology impedance matching network

and step start plasma ignition system.








(add to one end to enable a swivel for easy installation