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DC Plasma Power Supplies


The PPS10 Plasma Power Supply is a versatile, dual source power supply designed for R&D coating and cleaning applications. It can connect to and (individually) power up to two plasma loads which can be either/or small diameter magnetron sputter cathodes or glow discharge electrodes. 



The PPS10 includes provisions to connect an external vacuum system (pressure) interlock and can be mounted in a 19″ electronics rack or used in a  stand-alone configuration. It’s enclosure occupies 3.5″ (2RU) in height.

Operator control and metering is available via the front panel and remote control via Serial (RS232 or Ethernet).

A resonant switch mode high voltage circuit provides efficient power conversion as well as precise output power control. Ultra fast control loop response time (<95ns) ensures smooth process arc detection and suppression. The linear control circuits enable stable output at power levels as low as 2 watts.

The output power may be controlled by selecting voltage, current or, power regulation modes. An internal timer mode offers built in process cycle control. A front panel mounted LED bar graph displays % of output power. The OLED graphical display shows the user all critical parameters. Operator inputs are handled with a rotary encoder and tactile switches.