High Voltage Power Supply

The images below show the Series PS HV Power Supply during its packaging sequence. This covers models PS-70D, 70DX, 71D, and, 72.

A typical HV power supply order ships from the factory inside 1 double carton. This carton’s overall package size measures 18″ x 14″ x 12″ (46 x 36 x 31 cm) and weighs 17 lb. (9 kg.). The shipping weight is calculated without the power transformer installed. Images and description detailing the power transformer shipment are located at the bottom of this page.

The power transformer ships direct from our transformer vendor in the 2nd carton. Its dimensions are: 12 x 12 x 12″ (31 x 31 x 31 cm). The shipping weight (transformer only, by model) is: PS-72/PS-70D: 50 lb. (25 kg.), PS-70DX: 56 lb. (27 kg.), PS-71D: 40lb. (20 kg.)

Ask an ExpertIf you are returning an amplifier to the factory for evaluation and repair AND you no longer have the original packaging, you can purchase a new packaging set by contacting Manitou Systems. We typically suggest that the power transformer is removed and not returned for service unless an engineer requests it.

The Series PS paging set comes with the following items; inner and outer carton, large bubble wrap and, 8 pieces of Styrofoam corners. We suggest that you follow the preparation and packaging sequence in the following images. You will need to provide your own plastic bag to (separately) protect the power supply and clear, heavy duty, 2″ wide packing tape to seal the boxes. The (empty) shipping weight for the set is 3 lbs.

Always contact Manitou Systems before shipping any product back to us and always include our email address on the shipper’s electronic form so that we are alerted to the shipment’s status.

2015-03-11-16-59-302016-12-02-07-35-18   1 – Remove the power transformer from the unit and set it aside. Re-assemble the perforated cover to the power supply chassis.

2 – Wrap the power supply body with plastic or place it in a plastic bag and secure with tape. Wrap 2 layers of bubble wrap and secure with tape.

  2016-12-02-07-37-29     2016-12-02-07-38-09  

3 -Place the wrapped power supply into the inner carton and insert downward 2 smaller pieces of bubble wrap to each side.

4 – Fold over the side pieces and add a folded piece of bubble wrap on the top and seal the box with tape.

2015-04-21-15-56-57   2015-04-21-15-57-37


5 – Now close and tape the inner carton and add the 8 Styrofoam corners.

6 – Place the inner carton into the outer carton and seal with tape.

7 – Add shipping labels and ship to Manitou Systems.  

High Voltage Power Transformer

The power transformer is typically shipped direct to your doorstep from our transformer vendor. If you are requested to return it to Manitou Systems for evaluation and testing, please follow these packaging guidelines. The packaging in the following images can be supplied by Manitou Systems if do not have the original boxes. The overall size is approximately 12″ x 12″ x 10″ and weighs approximately 5 lbs (packaging only). Contact the factory for a price quotation.

hv-transformer-ll0238 2016-09-16-15-23-01 2016-09-16-15-23-13 

1 – The power transformer is a heavy object and needs to be properly secured and contained in it’s packaging.

2 – It is first bolted down to a piece of plywood.




3 – The transformer + bottom plywood base is set into the

bottom of the double wall cardboard box.




   4 – Styrofoam pieces are then placed around the sides and onto the top of the transformer.

   5 – The top plywood piece finishes the packing stack.



6 – The cardboard carton top is then sealed with tape.                                  2016-09-20-07-28-11 2016-09-20-07-19-152016-09-20-07-19-18

7 – Once the carton is completely sealed with packing tape,  the external strapping needs to be added – either plastic or metal bands can be used. (Note: the banding is added over the outer carton.)




Once the straps and their buckles are in place, cover the buckles with a layer of packing tape.