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Series LA Amplifier & Series PS HV Power Supply Upgrades

All repair work performed by the owner/user is done at their own risk – please work safely and review the product manuals as we are NOT liable or responsible for injuries or damage.   

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  Series LA Amplifier Upgrades


See the image to the right – the top RF deck has the incandescent lamps installed.




  LAx-2 Blower 1TDN8

The image to the right shows the post 2006 production 49CFM blower -note the aluminum end plate on the motor.





In the event that the amplifier is used at an above sea level  location or with duty cycles exceeding typical amateur use, we suggest an upgrade to the 72CFM blower package. The larger capacity blower is physically larger – slightly taller but 1″ wider with the motor extending past the side of the amplifier’s chassis cover. It also exhibits increased operational noise as it moves more air. Order PN 00010295   The shipping weight is approximately 5.5 lbs. Price is $245.00 + shipping.


Series PS High Voltage Power Supply Upgrades


Late model PCB and snap-in capacitors     






Legacy (older) model PCB and screw-in capacitors




2016-12-16-11-20-34The images to the left show the Internal Cooling Fan Assembly (Order PN 00004583) mounted to the PS-70 chassis floor. It’s ground wire terminal is fastened in between the chassis and the standoff (make sure that the chassis surface is clean and free from paint or corrosion). The power wires are routed along side of the power transformer and their terminals are connected to the “0” and “240” volt transformer taps. With the fan’s label facing up, the airflow will flow up.




2016-12-16-11-23-05  2016-12-16-11-25-21 2016-12-16-11-26-31Newer PS-70 enclosures include four pre-punched #6 clearance holes. If you are installing this fan assembly in an older chassis, simply drill the four holes in-between the existing cooling holes as shown in the images to the left. The mounting holes will be drilled exactly 3.25″ (82.5 mm) center to center.



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