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Lunar-Link Spare Parts

Lunar-Link Amplifier Spare Parts

All repair work performed by the owner/user is done at their own risk – please work safely and review the product manuals as we are NOT liable or responsible.   

Please scroll down to locate the product and list of available spare parts. Please note that some replacement & service parts are kept here in stock and others are ordered to fill customer requirements. If we do not have the desired part in stock, we may opt to supply the manufacturer and vendor part number so you can order directly. 

Model PS-7x High Voltage Power Supply 

These are the filter capacitors mounted on the PCB. Each snap-in capacitor is soldered directly to the PCB. Note that older PS-7x versions use screw terminal type capacitors – either the entire PCB assembly can be replaced or the snap-in type capacitors can be fitted (by the user) using a careful soldering technique and solid extension wires.


The 100 watt series resistor may fail as it is considered a “fuse” to protect the rectifiers in the event of a tube arc or other event.

Replacement resistor each           Order PN LL0274


Model LA-x Communications Amplifier

The originally used Eimac brand 3CX/3CPX-800A7 tubes have become extremely pricey although still available upon request.

As a more budget priced alternative, we have now qualified and are use imported 3CX-800A7 tubes. These tubes satisfy most of the replacement   requirements and perform well in the Lunar-Link products. The 3CX-800 version (NOT pulse/high voltage rated) are available and current pricing  is issued upon request.  Order PN 00009974     

The imported 3CPX-800A7 (Pulse rated) tubes are available upon special order – estimated delivery time is 6>8 weeks ARO.  Matched pairs are also available at a premium price. Current pricing is issued upon request.  Order PN 00009960




Note: The image to the right shows a current production Model LA-22A. Your model (current or legacy)may differ in look and  component type/count.

                  Model LA-22A                 LA-200 Anode Collet

                LA-22A Kit   Order PN: 00010563         LA-200 Kit   Order PN: 00010567







          Standard 60CFM blower assembly (blower + cord/connector, mounting hdwr & gasket) order PN LL0117

          Standard 60CFM blower (blower modified + 3 grommets) order PN 00009948

          100CFM blower assembly – please contact us for a quote