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BDS-GLOW 3000/6000 Glow Discharge Generators



BDS GLOW 3000/6000 AFP Generator

The BDS-Glow AFP is a high voltage DC generator with AFP (Active Front Panel) touch screen designed for glow discharge processes.

Used to power R/D and industrial plasma processes, it exhibits high power conversion efficiency (90%) as well as an extremely stable operation.

Typical applications include plasma cleaning or etching of a substrate prior to a thin film coating.

An optional process gas feedback enables  control of up to two mass flow controllers (MFC). Using this option, the selected glow discharge process will be stabilized using a variable gas flow to regulate the generator’s output set-point.

Product Specifications

AC Mains input current: 3kW 480V/xA or 400V/xA     6kW 480V/xA or 400V/xA (maximum / phase)

Available Models

  • BDS-Glow 3000 AFP 3.2kW 400V/3ph AC Mains input            Order PN: 00010454
  • BDS-Glow 3000 AFP 3.2kW 480V/3ph AC Mains input            Order PN: 00010455
  • BDS-Glow 6000 AFP 6.4kW 400V/3ph AC Mains input            Order PN: 00010456
  • BDS-Glow 6000 AFP 6.4kW 480V/3ph AC Mains input            Order PN: 00010457


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  • Process gas control feedback; 1 or 2 MFC control
  • Non-standard output voltage level