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BDS-ARC 150/250 Cathodic Arc Evaporation Generator

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The BDS-ARC 150/250 Cathodic Arc Evaporation Generator is the most reliable and highest performing power generator on the market today. Designed specifically for high current Cathodic ARC evaporation processes (CAE), it’s switching DC converter has an efficiency above 90%.

Two models are available with a maximum output rating of 150 or 250 amps DC. Both models are built into a compact and light 19 inches electronics rack mountable enclosure.

Both round and rectangular ARC sources can be easily connected and powered with this generator. Enhanced target erosion uniformity may be accomplished when using the optional Current Modulation feature. 

The BDS-ARC 150/250 is easy to integrate into an OEM processing system and has the following features:

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