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Steven M. Simons W1SMS – ARRL CT Section Technical Coordinator

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Committee MembersW1SMS

  • Technical Coordinator    Steven M. Simons W1SMS    
    • Advanced Class   
    • Email:
    • Interests include V/UHF station design and construction, antenna & tower construction, high power RF amplifier design/manufacturing.
    • Owner of Lunar-Link RF amplifier company  





  • Technical Specialist    Edward Cholakian KB1OIE    
    • Extra Class   
    • Email:
    • Interests and professional experience include: Embedded software and hardware, basic SDR design
    • Current projects include: IOT (internet of things) industrial automation applications, Bluetooth connected sensors, Raspberry Pi boards running Windows 10, and “bare metal” ARM and MIPS based embedded systems.




  • Retired QST Technical Editor & QST Contributing Editor   Joel Hallas W1ZR     
    • Email:
    • Joel will provide a personal answer to your technical questions within a few days. Your question may even be published in the “Doctor is In” QST column, or even on an ARRL podcast.







Available Presentations (Presented by W1SMS at your club meeting.)

  • Lightning Strikes !                        A practical discussion of how to protect your station. Click here for a PDF download – slides
  • Rotating Towers are NOT for Weenies    All about the W1SMS rotating tower project.
  • RF Safety                                                              Considerations of using RF power in the ham station.
  • Tower Construction & Safety                       A “How To” useful when planning antenna and tower installations.
  • Hollow State vs. Solid State                        Electron tubes and transistors used in RF power amplification.
  • An EME Earth>Moon>Earth Primer           How to get started in EME communications – Equipment, Software & Expectations.
  • DC POWERING of HAM RADIO EQUIPMENT     A primer on the installation & use of 12VDC power system components in your amateur radio station.

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