Sputtering Sources


MeiVac is a leading manufacturer of planar magnetron sputter cathodes. Noted for its simplicity, ease of use, and resulting high reliability, the MAK sputter source has been designed to present the smallest profile possible and deliver higher deposition rates than any comparable sputter sources. MeiVac thin film sputter deposition products are the right choice for your process with a full range of standard and custom configurations.

     4_0-mak-sputter-source-vertical-l400a01-300x193          sputter-cover-2_12_14_reduced-file-size-230x300

  • 1.3″, 2″, 3″, 4″ and, 6″ diameter
  • RF, DC, pulsed DC and AC compatible 
  • Water cooled
  • High vacuum and ultra high vacuum UHV types
  • Dielectric, metallic and, magnetic target material compatible
  • Mounts in any orientation
  • Rigid mounting types
    • Straight stalk mount
    • 90 degree stalk mount
    • Flange mount
  • Adjustable angle mounting types
    • Fixed adjustment
    • Via external continuous adjustment
  • Multiple cathodes on a plate
  • Shutters
    • Manual
    • Pneumatic
    • Electric

Target Materials – Click here for the target material page

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  • Data sheet
  • Mechanical installation 2-D drawing – pdf
  • Mechanical installation 3-D drawing – pdf
  • Application notes