RF Plasma Power Systems

Manitou Systems offers these RF plasma power products including RF power generators, impedance matching networks and, and accessories.

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  • Model BDS-MF 5, 10 or, 15 kW mid frequency plasma generators  –  with graphical LCD front control panel


  • Model PB3 integrated system  –  100 & 300 watt RF generator + internal manual impedance matching network
  • Model BDS-HF Blackbox 200, 300 or, 750 watt  RF generators  –  for OEM system integration
  • Model BDS-HF AFP 200, 300 or, 750 watt RF generators  –  with graphical LCD front control panel
  • Model MTK manually adjusted impedance matching network
  • Model AMN 750 automatic impedance matching network  –  complements the Model BDS-HF generator products
  • Model VIMM impedance matching network – inductively tuned topology


RF Power Delivery Packages