Basic PB3TM Tabletop Plasma & Vacuum Training System Product Data

The BASIC PB3TM Tabletop Plasma System offers simple features and is built on top of our Model PB3 RF power system. The user is encouraged to supply the necessary components from their own lab to configure it for the intended process. 


Basic PB3 Tabletop Plasma System PN 00003504

This system includes these standard components:

6″ diameter stainless, 4 way cross vacuum process chamber with NW160 ISO flanges

Sturdy aluminum base plate/yoke chamber mounting (on top of the PB3 RF system cabinet)

KF40 pump port

Pressure gauge port located on the rear flange

Front mounted access door with 4″ diameter float glass view port 

Adjustable height 4″ diameter, grounded, non-rotary, substrate holder

Manually operated 1/4″ toggle vent valve 

Manually operated 1/4″ process gas needle and shutoff valves

Model PB3 Analog metered, integrated RF power system


Select the following options to configure the system: (click on the link to go to the component web page)


      Fittings and Components

KF40 inline, stainless/viton, butterfly valve (for pumping speed control) PN 00003439

KF40 inline, aluminum/viton, butterfly valve (for pumping speed control) PN 00003685

KF40 inline, stainless/fluorocarbon, inline poppet valve (for isolating the chamber) PN 00003699

KF40 90 degree stainless EL PN 00008119

KF40 centering ring aluminum/Viton PN 00008116

KF40 hinged clamp with wingnut PN 00008117

NW160 double claw clamps PN 00008329

NW160 flange seal, aluminum/Viton PN 00008330

NW160 blank flange, aluminum PN 00003528

NW160 blank flange, stainless PN 00008307


      RF Power Systems ( 13.56MHz) 

Model PB3-100M Integrated RF generator rated 100 watts (for use with magnetron sputtering or capacitive etch sources) PN 00001782

Model PB3-300M Integrated RF generator rated 300 watts (for use with magnetron sputtering or capacitive etch sources) PN 04-140031-01


      Plasma Sources

4″ diameter magnetron sputtering cathode head PN 00003688

2″ diameter magnetron sputtering cathode head PN 00003692

Sputtering target materials – discuss with factory

Capacitive plasma etch head PN 00002515


The user will be required to furnish the following facilities:

190>240 VAC 50/60 Hz AC mains input (current demand based on power supply selection)

Process gas bottle, regulator, 1/4″ tubing to connect to the system

Dry air or additional bottled gas for venting, 1/4″ tubing to connect to the system

Flat tabletop surface upon which to sit the system


The user will be required to furnish these additional components to complete the system:

Rough vacuum pump 

Miniature turbo pump (for high vacuum applications)

Vacuum bellows or plastic hose to connect the pump to the KF40 fitting on the vacuum chamber

Vacuum pressure gauge

Enclosure for the electronics and controls

Typical spare parts are listed below – please contact the factory for a quote on specific part numbers for your system.

Float glass view port & o-ring

Sputtering target material

O-ring and flange seals

Call to speak with a Manitou engineer about your application, or send us an e-mail. We’ll help you select the right model for your application.



  • Data sheet
  • Mechanical installation drawing
  • Owner’s manual