Lunar-LinkTM Communications Amplifiers

Lunar-Link TM high power VHF & UHF communications amplifiers are used by amateur (Ham) radio enthusiasts worldwide to pursue their weak signal passion in the 50, 144, 222 & 432 MHz bands.

Lunar-Link Systems was originally founded in 1994 by Steve Powlishen, K1FO with a vision to design, manufacture and sell high performance 1500 watt, 70 cm (432MHz) RF power amplifiers. These high quality products were made available to amateur radio operators at an affordable price to help more operators become active (QRV) on the EME (Earth-Moon-Earth or Moon bounce) mode of communication.

Additional models were added to complete the product offering covering the 50, 144 and 222 MHz amateur radio bands.

In September 2012 K1FO became a silent key (SK) with the Lunar-Link Systems assets being taken over by Steve Simons W1SMS. The company will continue to offer its products and services under Manitou Systems Inc. while retaining the Lunar-Link brand name.

The following products and services are now being offered:

Series LA single band Lunar-Link amplifiers

50-52 MHZ          144-148 MHz    222-225 MHz    420-450 MHz

Series PS high voltage DC power supplies

Coaxial TR relays



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